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Have I got some crack for you...

Seriously? No.
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* Welcome to my crack archive. In here, you'll find the best (or worst, depending on your POV) crack entries of my now four years on LJ. I've recently locked my default journal, so this will be the new place to share the old and, hopefully, new madness of various fandoms.

* Although this is a community, you can't join it - I'm the only one posting anyway. Watch/friend the journal to keep track. New future crack posts of any fandom will go here from now on.

* To make it easier to find the old stuff, I'm offering two search functions: either by Memories or the Tag List. Or just, you know, browse.

* Feedback is always welcome.

* Anything else? Feel free to leave any other comments/questions/suggestions/requests/notes/whatever on my welcome post.

General Disclaimer:

WARNING: This journal contains silly, weird, more or less witty and totally insane posts, spiced with mockery and snark. If you can't deal with that, go find your drug of choice elsewhere.

All posts in this community are simply for fun. It's random mandness, nothing is to be considered as serious information. As if somebody would...?

Don't hotlink any of the pictures and don't take any of my ramblings and sell them as your own brainchilds. Boo.