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Have I got some crack for you...
Queer as Folk 308 sillyness. 
16th-Sep-2007 04:26 pm
Various - lennongirl sparkly
How to get a head start in your internship. Pun intended, if you wish.
By J. Taylor, intern at Vanguard's art department.

Alternative subtitle: How to be fucked without ever having had any chance at all.
By B. Kinney, ad exec at Vanguard.

1. Chose the right boss/top superior.

If your future boss/superior is accidentially your ex-boyfriend whom you want back, awesome! Way to kill two birds with one stone!


Very good choice!

2. Meet the new boss and make a good impression.

V.v.v. bad example: say something like "Hey Bri, it's me, Justin, remember, the guy you allowed yourself to love and who took your heart and shreddered it to little pieces because I got totally bored with your fancy life and decided to go for some boheme chic instead. Cool?"

Better example:

Taylor *is smug*: "Hi."

Kinney *has a boner is fucked*: "Errrr."

So far, so good.

3. The job interview.

V.v.v.v. bad example: say something like "Hey Bri, I know I treated you like shit, but I came to my senses. Wanna hang out?"

Better example:

Taylor *knows the way his superior's mind works and beats him with his own weapons by ranting on and on*: "OMG best opportunity ever for studies that YOU are paying for and our former relationship isn't a problem, is it?"

Kinney *is fucked*: "Errrr... relationship?"

Taylor *prepares for the final blow* "Well, if it never was a relationship, no harm done, when can I start?

Kinney *is fucked and knows it*: "Errrr."

Taylor: has got himself a new internship

Very good! That's the way to go!

4. Meeting the boss in private.

V.v.v.v. bad example: visit him at his place.

Better example: chose a public place. For instance, meet him at his favourite club. What a funny coincidence!!! And then:

Taylor *acts all innocent*

Kinney *is basically fucked*

Taylor *is very evil and sucks on his finger in most suggestive manner*

Kinney *has a boner, thinks that Taylor's behaviour is very mean and knows he's totally fucked*

5. Working with the boss.

V.v.v.v. bad exmaple: lecturing him.

Better example: be devoted to him and his work. And:

Taylor *flirts*

Kinney *has a boner is fucked*: "Errrr."

6. Confrontations with the boss.

V.v.v.v. bad example: run away before discussion is over.

Better: bring your point across.

Kinney *bitches*

Taylor *bitches back*

Kinney *confused* "Huh?"

Taylor *attacks*

Taylor *winz*

Kinney *is so fucked the author is lost for words*

7. Getting your top back.

Since he's so very fucked, the rest is a piece of pie. Have a good talk, admit your mistakes and things will be back to normal.

Kinney: "Are you sorry?"

Taylor: "Very much so."

Kinney: "Never hurt me again? Will you behave from now on?"

Taylor: "Promise. Promise."

8. Enjoy your success...

...with some nice and playful office!sex!



And don't

Forget to

Smile ♥

The End.


dedicated to rosi, just beeeeeeeecause!
2nd-Jun-2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
pointed this way by nannerss LOVE this. it really made me giggle and glee like crazy.
27th-Nov-2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed :)
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